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A heart set on pilgrimage

Many of my early posts this year were linked to family events, and this one is linked to my husband, Victor’s birthday a couple days ago.  A pastor friend came today to take us for lunch to celebrate, so it’s … Continue reading

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Colors of Life

Since kindergarden I wanted to be a teacher. By sixth grade when I learned about the amazing way atoms fit together to make molecules, I decided I would teach science.  In high school I walked home one glorious autumn day and … Continue reading

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Another Helper sent from heaven

This weekend the church celebrated Pentecost, the birth day of the church, when the Holy Spirit came with a sound like a strong wind and tongues as of fire that appeared on the heads of the disciples.  Acts 2 gives … Continue reading

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Who Can Stand in Times Like This?

With the terrorist attack in Boston and the apprehension of would-be terrorists in Canada, targeted at New York City, I have heard a few anxious voices.  “What is going on?  I wish I could move somewhere safe, far away.  But … Continue reading

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Angels in God’s service and our role of service

I began a few weeks ago to teach on the ministry of angels in the Bible.  I took a short break since my father’s wife of 30 years was taken to heaven, peacefully ending a battle with cancer.  I am … Continue reading

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The ministry of angels in God’s service

I would love to write more about Resurrection Day (aka Easter), celebrated a few days ago.  I shared some posts from others (better writers than I) on Facebook.  So we will move on! The request of my study group this spring … Continue reading

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Escorted to heaven by angels

My mom would have turned 84 today. She went home to heaven last summer, a few weeks before her grandson’s wedding. We thought she would rally as she always did, but she ended up with a front row seat and … Continue reading

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Day by day, step by step, choice by choice, yes by yes

This title is from a song by Julie Meyer, Kansas City International House of Prayer. While mentoring young women, there are many times we need to encourage each other about the dailiness of life. “Take it one day at a … Continue reading

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