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The Meaning of Rosh Hashannah, The Feast of Trumpets: Wednesday September 4, 2013

Originally posted on J. Scott Husted — Through the Veil:
Stepping up to the call Rosh Hashannah is also known as The Feast of Trumpets. On God’s calendar this is the anniversary of Adam’s creation. This is a day to…

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Where will this journey take us?

There is a young leader — A prince or a princess? Waiting for adventure Hoping for love. The Way is written in the Book Of the ancient paths That lead to Life To Love and Joy. I am a child, … Continue reading

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Is there value in learning the Apostles’ Creed today?

I mentioned in a comment after last week’s post that I was enjoying John Wesley‘s sermons.  Commissioned in the Wesleyan Church, we were taught Wesley’s doctrine and how to articulate it in modern language and contexts.  We were not required to read the … Continue reading

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The family of God is one miraculous family

Paul spent a long season in Ephesus ministering to the churches.  Later he wrote them a letter while he was imprisoned in Rome, elaborating on the revelation that had been unfolded to him about the nature of Christ’s body, the … Continue reading

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