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The Meaning of Rosh Hashannah, The Feast of Trumpets: Wednesday September 4, 2013

Originally posted on J. Scott Husted — Through the Veil:
Stepping up to the call Rosh Hashannah is also known as The Feast of Trumpets. On God’s calendar this is the anniversary of Adam’s creation. This is a day to…

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Where will this journey take us?

There is a young leader — A prince or a princess? Waiting for adventure Hoping for love. The Way is written in the Book Of the ancient paths That lead to Life To Love and Joy. I am a child, … Continue reading

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Is there value in learning the Apostles’ Creed today? Yes!!

I mentioned in a comment after last week’s post that I was enjoying John Wesley‘s sermons. Commissioned in the Wesleyan Church, we were taught Wesley’s doctrine and how to articulate it in modern language and contexts. We were not required … Continue reading

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The family of God is one miraculous family

Paul spent a long season in Ephesus ministering to the churches. Later he wrote them a letter while he was imprisoned in Rome, elaborating on the revelation that had been unfolded to him about the nature of Christ’s body, the … Continue reading

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