Pastor Deborah

My name is Deborah Khalil.   I am a commissioned minister in The Wesleyan Church. After working twenty years as a scientist in the pharmaceutical industry, I now work from home and focus on teaching the Bible.   I have worked in children’s and women’s ministries, wrote and taught creation science workshops, and served several years as the assistant pastor at Amazing Faith Christian Fellowship in Poway, CA.

My husband, Dr. Victor Khalil, is founder and director of Ministries International, producing satellite and livestream television progams in Arabic and English. He teaches Arabic at Biola University in La Mirada, CA.


7 Responses to Pastor Deborah

  1. Hi Deborah,
    I have a small question for you. I read your profile and noticed that your husband teaches arabic. I have heard that the word “God” is “Allah” in arabic. Is this true? If so, would an arabic Christian read “God” in his arabic bible as “Allah”? Hope to hear from you. Thank you in advance.

    May you be a blessing to others!!!

    • Hi Ramesh,
      Yes, this is true. Their Bible was translated using the word for God that was in their language, Allah. Christians in the Arab world understand, however, that Allah of Islam is not the same as the God of the Bible, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They will use other names to speak of God that refer to him as Lord, King, and of course, Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior. Jesus is called Isa in the Quran, but for Christians, he is Yesua. Arabic is a Semitic language so is similar to Hebrew in many ways. Yeshua (Hebrew) will be pronounced Yesua (Arabic).

      I enjoyed your study in Greek and Hebrew for Pentecost. Thank you for visiting my site. I haven’t posted my Pentecost article because I was drawn to read all the other bloggers who prepared entries for this wonderful day, and I have been blessed.
      May the Spirit anoint your teachings in a fresh way this season!

      • Hi Deborah,

        Thank you for your prompt response. I had heard the same, but wanted to double check it as I am working on a post on “God’s Name”(the Tetragrammaton). Is YHVH used in Arabic Congregations? would you know? because God has clearly proclaimed that YHVH is his name forever.(Exo 3:15, Psa 135:13, Hos 12:5, Mal 3:6) I am still researching why, how and by who’s authority the translator’s replaced His name with “LORD” almost in 6000 places in the scriptures.

        Thank you for your help again.
        Love & Blessings!

      • Ramesh, Interesting that I asked my husband about that a few weeks ago! He was telling some friends that Arabic does not have the verb “to be,” as it is implied within the infinitive form of a verb. I asked how they translated, “I Am that I Am.” He answered in Arabic, then in English, “I He I.” I had been struck by the emphatic double pronoun in Isaiah 43:25: “*I, I am he*who blots out your sins for my own sake,” so it made a quick impression on me. He has gone to bed so I will ask him further regarding your question. I will be very interested to read your study when it is complete. Deborah

        *Deborah Khalil **Ministries International, Inc*.* * *858-774-6277 *** Follow blog: *http://leadershiplighthouse.*** * * **

      • Wow! thank you so much!! 🙂 I am currently reading a book by a Karaite Jew, who is also a bible scholar who has worked on the dead sea scrolls. The book is called “shattering the conspiracy of silence”. The information presented on it is quite amazing.
        Love & Blessings

  2. lawrence says:

    Is this the same Deborah Khalil who wrote the Murder Miracle in Egypt?

    • Wow, that’s been a number of years now. I would not have given it that name, but I do know the story you’re referring to. An amazing testimony that has been around the world etherzone more than a few times. We received such absurd comments that we eventually stopped answering them. The dead being raised in the name of Jesus is not even an uncommon testimony in the Muslim world any more!

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