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Is there value in learning the Apostles’ Creed today?

I mentioned in a comment after last week’s post that I was enjoying John Wesley‘s sermons.  Commissioned in the Wesleyan Church, we were taught Wesley’s doctrine and how to articulate it in modern language and contexts.  We were not required to read the … Continue reading

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The family of God is one miraculous family

Paul spent a long season in Ephesus ministering to the churches.  Later he wrote them a letter while he was imprisoned in Rome, elaborating on the revelation that had been unfolded to him about the nature of Christ’s body, the … Continue reading

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A letter to a spiritual daughter

This letter is meant to model the New Testament epistles from spiritual fathers to their sons and daughters in the faith.  As a spiritual mother, I long for God’s children to grow in faith, hope and love.  Earlier posts were … Continue reading

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Escorted to heaven by angels

My mom would have turned 84 today.  She went home to heaven last summer, a few weeks before her grandson’s wedding.  We thought she would rally as she always did, but she ended up with a front row seat and enjoyed more … Continue reading

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